Hypnosis provides us with an extraordinary array of exploratory tools, each with a different focus and possibility for self awareness. These tools facilitate a depth of internal exploration unattainable in most other methodologies.

One of the most adaptable of these exploratory tools is Hypnoprojectives. Hypnoprojectives are imagery based templates designed and created to facilitate self-observation, to help our patients gain insight into the multi-level dynamics associated with particular symptoms, behavior or relationship problems, and to facilitate access to split off parts of the self. In addition, Hypnoprojectives can enhance access to resources and unconscious wisdom about problem resolution.

Footprintings is a 3 Dimensional Hypnoprojective Model intended to enable our patients to have direct access to relevant Self States as they exist internally in the present moment. Patients choose color Footprints best representing a Felt Sense of particular Self States, and place them on the ground, in location, position and directional approximation to this Felt Sense and then stand in them. The body awareness and insights occurring during in this process, enable patients to gain valuable and unexpected perspective, understanding and healing wisdom about their internal experience. It is an Ah-ha moment that can lay the groundwork for experimenting with shifting internal relationships and alternative responses.

The experience is the enactment.

A picture is worth 1000 words. Experience is worth 1000 pictures.